Data Engineering: Department of computer science has well established group working in Machine learning algorithms, 3D reconstructions and video processing for image and vision applications. Research in the area of frequent pattern mining and cloud is being carried out.

Some of the focused research topics are data analysis (modelling, predictive analysis, pattern recognition) to extract knowledge and insights for applications in the areas of innovative education Assessment (CEER), IDH (Indian Digital Heritage), Smart campus (Security and surveillance)  and smart city.

Network Engineering: The research group is currently focused towards optimization algorithms for routing, rate adaptation, energy optimization for multi hop access networks like sensor and mesh.

The group is also working in the in the areas of like virtualization, cloud computing, software defined networks and Internet of Things.

System Engineering: The research group focuses on the following broad areas:

  • Parallel Programming model, GPU Computing and Deep learning
  • Scientific Computing on parallel computing systems.
  • Quantum Computing
Sl. No.Research AreaResearch FieldResearch TopicFaculty
1. Data Processing
Multimodal Fusion and Indexing for English Language Lecture Videos
Meena S. M.
P. S. Hiremath
Gopal Joshi
Sujata C
Lalita Madanabhavi
Karibasappa K G
S G Kanakareddi
S. D. Desai
Shankar G
S V Seeri
Shantala Giraddi
Vijay Bajantri
Manjula Pawar
Deepak kumar M.
Praveen M
Uday Kulkarni
Parikshit P Hegde
Preeti T
2. Data AnalyticsFiltering and noise removal algorithms for crowd sourced images (heritage images)
Develop new metal artifact reduction method by addressing the effects of truncated projections, aiding better diagnostic inference
Augmentation of Data Mining algorithms for Distributed Computing
Analysis and Prediction of Psychological Health disorder/Issues using Emotional Profiling
Image Compression, Data compression & Video compression
Detection & Analysis of prominent objects in natural images.
1. Wireless mesh networks
Cross-layer design for joint routing, scheduling and rate adaptation in multi-radio infrastructure wireless mesh networks.
Meena S. M
P. R. Patil
Narayan D.G.
Jayalaxmi G N
Vidya Handur
Vijayalaxmi M
A. K. Chikaraddi
Sunil Gurlahosur
Anand Meti
Pooja Shettar
Somashekar Patil
Ashok Chikaraddy
Nitya Kulkarni
Meenakshi Raikar
Amit Kachvimath
P.G. Sunitha Hiremath.
2. Wireless,sensor networks and Internet of Things
Quality enhancement of aggregation in wireless sensor networks.
3. Hybrid,wireless networks,
IoT for precision agriculture.
4. Cloud, computing and virtualization
Traffic-aware co-operative transmission for energy efficiency in hybrid wireless networks
5. Software, defined networking
SLA-aware resource management in cloud data center networks.

Anomaly detection in software defined networks using machine learning algorithms.
High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing, GPU/CUDA programming1. Change detection for deforestation and water reserves
Satyadhyan Chickerur
Indira Bidari
Mahaesh Patil
Parallel framework for application development on massively parallel systems

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